Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Total Blog Lapse

Just been reading Denis's blog. Love the new look he has implemented. Also I am impressed that he is able to blog every day. I used to do that, sometimes more than once a day. Now I realize it is just over a week since my last blog - YIKES. Am I getting lazy? No, not really, it's just sadly my blog comes last on the list these days.
I still have plenty of time to think about what I want to blog because I am still training - and that is when I do my best blog storming. No matter how busy things get. Training is something that will ALWAYS be executed. Sometimes I have to not be so anal in order to get it done, but for the most part I feel I am balancing things pretty well at the moment. That could all go bottoms up once the training moves up to the next level, but I think. No, I KNOW it will be all right.
I am not really thinking of Kona. Ok, correction. Here is something that I was thinking about when hurting myself running up the stairs this morning for the 14th time. For some reason my legs and lungs refused to work in harmony. Meaning when the legs were lactic and I was on the verge of falling up the stairs my lungs were fine and dandy. Get towards the top and the legs started working while the lungs were just SCREAMING STOOOP! And I did. Popped in the lift, down to the ground floor and repeat X 14.
I am persevering with my stair runs despite the fact my hip is nearly as good as new. But I am not crazy enough to do them more than once a week. Keep a good balance I am told and so I just make sure to get one stair session in a week. It helps, I really think it does. While I am no where near the pace I was beginning to discover on the run last year due to the injury I am looking forward to the half marathon next weekend. It will be a nice little test of sorts. Especially as I will be riding one hour before running, Apparently for non-runners like myself I will run quicker off a warm up bike rather than a warm up run...Hmmm, we shall see :)
Anyway, what was I thinking of. Oh yup. When I was training for IM Malaysia I used the visualization technique A LOT. It gave me motivation when I was in that dark tunnel of pain and pity. I would imagine seeing myself cross the line in first place, it was so clear it was almost real. I used that a lot in my training. So now I move to Kona. No where near training for it, I am not even thinking about that yet. But the problem with not having been there or done that before is that I have no clue what to expect. I don't know what the finish line will be like. I have seen the pictures, we all have and I think I can see myself riding on the Queen K. But as for crossing the line I do not have a clear a picture of what that will be like. Perhaps I should ask Kona Carmen, I am sure she can enlighten me :)

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