Monday, June 28, 2010

Kind Deeds Deserve lots of Home Baked Goodies

So George and I have been using a 23/12 cassette for the past 10days. My legs are not keen on high cadence and out on the road  on last weeks Saturday ride the changing was smoother after months of putting up with the gears jumping, slipping and making noise. The only problem is I have never used a 23/12. I didn't realize what a difference 23/11 makes and also I guess didn't realize how much I use that gearing. Losing valuable speed down hill and on the flats I needed to find a 23/11 and we were out of stock :(
Bang on the dot at 6:30pm today, one half of my good kind sponsors walked in the store with a shiny brand new 23/11. I am (for a change) lost for words at the kindness of these two people and as I mentioned earlier to him I will say thank you the only way I know how, with baking. So you can expect delivery each Sunday at Bukit Aman of freshly baked goodies. 
This past Saturdays ride was a easy spin so the smaller cassette did not matter. In fact I did not leave home until 9:30am as I was doing a back to front triathlon! I rode the duke and stopped at not the nicest place for a photo moment but it does offer up once of the coolest views of the city from afar. And it was such a gorgeous day. usually its pitch black when I pass by on Wednesdays.
This Saturday George and I will be kitted out with our new smooth cassette. I am looking forward to speeding along and getting stronger. I have 15weeks of training to go. And two more weeks of this light stuff, better enjoy while it lasts!!

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