Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oops too late!
I just finished my swim. The 30 metre pool has always had a problem with the filtration system at my home. I think they need to drain it and fix it once and for all. And after all that rain yesterday it was a bit green. But what the heck...are you man or mouse??? There were some people with nothing to do except sun themselves and splash around in the other 25 metre pool that does not have a problem with filtration. But I gotta do my swim and get back to work so opted to take a risk.
Plus points about swimming in a green pool - or so I thought. No one else will go in. I will have it to myself! Oh how wrong was I? While I did catch quite a few odd looks from passers by, a family with their little girl came down and decided to go in. But they were nice enough and kept out the way of my paddles. Then another guy comes in and starts swimming in a line and style that actually made me look quite good!
Anyway swim done and out I get and at the corner of my eye I see some technicians with some chemistry looking type jobbies. Hmm?
I go over to them and say good/bad? He starts playing with the water and it turns RED. I say again good / BAD?? BAD he says, no swimming.
I leave them to it go up and shower and then walk back down to TBB and see they have put up the TAPE!
Oh well too late. I am still breathing, my hair hasn't all fallen out yet and coach I am sure would be very proud of me...or NOT?! :)

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