Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It used to be easy

This morning was my ride / run brick session. It is an early start leaving at 05:20 for a two hour ride. This morning however I didn't have any friends to play with :( And while I will ride alone on a Saturday, on a Saturday traffic is not so mad and I leave home when daylight is near.
I made a vow not to ride the Wednesdays alone. It is too early and while I would probably be okay and nothing would happen, as a girl alone on the road I would rather not take the risk. Luckily there is no excuse to not train as I just hook George up to the trainer.  Lately my trainer sessions are only one hour long under the 'light' plan. Easy peasy. This morning I did 2hours. Two hours used to seem easy when I was doing 3hours but this morning that hurt. Big gear stuff and pools of water on the floor, I have a way to go I think before I am where I was...OR maybe I am improving. I think I am able to use bigger gears for longer and more resistance now. Well some days I can :)
I was going to do a stair run as my brick but after the hammering I gave my quads on the turbo I decided on a run outside. It had just rained and was so inviting. The good news: I am almost running pain free now. Again, a long way to speed has dramatically dropped but at least when I finish running now I can step up the kerbs and walk rather then gingerly move my legs.
So all is GOOD in my world. Still too busy. I have a to do list a WIP (Work In Progress) list on Malcom (the Mac). It started off with 12items. And the goal was to reduce it each day, but then something would come up and get added to the list.
The current total is 17 items. And every time I delete one task I add two more. But it's ok. You can only do so much right? And this Friday is a public holiday and I am NOT going to do any work ALL DAY. In fact I have a day and a half of debauchery planned...ahem, I wish. But I do have a fun weekend planned where I will be having some much needed down time.
Can't wait!

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sofiantriathlete said...

GOOD update.
Thank you