Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loss Of A Champion Human Being

Life is certainly very fragile. You most certainly must grasp it, embrace it, relish in it, and enjoy it, LIVE IT. Ngae did this without compromise. Before his life threatening operation last year, I believe Ngae was already living. He never merely existed. He was out there and if you couldn’t see him on a Sunday morning you most probably could hear his rumbling laughter and banter in the cool morning air.
We are all inspired by people. I remember my first triathlon and there was Nage giving me support. As the months progressed he would then tease me about my serious ‘race face’ as the sport took a grip of me. You see Ngae always wore a smile from ear to ear whatever he was doing. And when in his playground of exercising whatever it would be he would wear that big old smile.
After his operation he appeared to bounce back from tragic circumstances. I remember visiting him in Brickfields and he told me about his new positive outlook. He was so grateful at ‘this’ second chance. Well I am not sure I can agree with you my friend about taking a new positive outlook, you were always one of the most positive people around and that is why you touched so many people’s hearts.
When running on a Sunday the beautiful highlight of the morning is seeing your friends, your comrades participating in the same morning ritual of starting the day with honest exercise. On those days post operation when I saw Ngae on the road I would stop. Something I do not do a lot of. But if there was one thing I had for Ngae it was time. We would stop, hug and say good morning before going on our way. He was so full of the joy of being ALIVE.
The last triathlon we did together was Putrajaya 70.3. He was so happy to finally be able to complete a triathlon again. I remember on the run he was wearing that big old smile and laughing. And every time he saw me he would make a beeline to the white chick with the race face. ON that day however I was smiling on the run and when he squirted Gatorade over me – I still smiled!
He was loud, he was cheeky, he was thoughtful and caring. He was my friend. He was your friend. He was NOT your average human being. He was Ngae. RIP; in your too short life you lived a thousand lives.


Peh said...

Beautifully written, Em. Ngae was a gem, a wonderful bright spirit who never failed to brighten up everyone's day as he crossed our paths. He will be dearly missed.

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sgloong said...

wut a wonderful person... guess God loves him too much to leave him here with us...