Sunday, May 2, 2010


My Interstate was over before it really started. Ok, it did start. I did start. But for a couple of weeks now I have been feeling rather under powered. I put this down to my workload and solider on. But now it is time to be honest and to admit that my Interstate was more of a triathlon which included a wet night time drive to Kuala Kangsar with Disco and the gang. Not enough sleep and feeling decidedly dodgy Friday morning. Game face on and a ride to the first stop over - I forget where that was now!! And then a flight out of there as soon as I could possibly manage it. This is what happened and as usual another lesson learnt.
Riding a tri bike, there were a few of us, but I was aware and prepared to do the right thing and stay upright. Little did I know how this would screw my back up :( Some of you have back problems from going aero well it seems my back and neck do not like to sit upright. Uncomfortable is a nice way to put the discomfort I had. I rode with the pack, kind of and not really at the front. Was kind of getting fed up with people telling me where I SHOULD be riding but knew that this was about 3days of survival. It actually turned out to be just one day of survival on the bike however.
After a stop for a coffee and food in town with Dave we carried on to the 30k of hills. I do not know where my legs have been the past few weeks. Again, denial? Work I would say it was, anything except something wrong with my body. Me sick? Nahhh! I am indestructible!!!
Cramp came up and bit me on the inside of my right leg. The last time this happened was when I did power man for the first time two and half years ago. It happened then because I was a new cyclist. It happened Friday because I feel I was using cycling muscles I do not have. Sitting upright is totally different to aero. My muscles were not happy. I rode it through, relaxed fought the pain and it went off. Just as I breathe a sigh of relief there it came again. Arghhhh! At the brow of the hill I see abut 100metres away a support car. Okay...just make it to the car and have a drink and carry on. Just make it to the car. Ha ha! I could see the muscles popping and moving around in my leg. Was not going to happen. I unclipped and carefully stopped. Did not get off the bike, just stood, swore a little and told the legs to buck up and quit messing about and then started again. Got to the support car and they had witnessed my little fiasco. I am ok I told them it's just cramp. Had some liquid nectar 100PLUS and on my way. Feeling better, I then started to catch up with some riders who had seen me struggle. They asked how I was and I cockily replied aah the legs are working now! BAM. No they are not. Basically this happened 4-5 times. I granny geared it nearly the whole way holding off the cramp and when I finally got to the descent whacked it in the big chain and away I went to the finish - Thank GOD.
After I stopped, that's when things drastically started to go wrong. I was slightly dehydrated, and had serious stomach issues. I have been suffering for a month now on and off and again put it down to work. But it seems the bacteria had come back with avengence and I could not keep any food in me and just wanted to close my eyes and sleep. I tried to go for a run (stupid I know) and then nearly ended up fainting.
I skipped the photo session and went straight to bed. Saturdays ride was not looking good. My stomach was in such a bad way I felt really embarrassed and sorry for my room mates Chris and Bee!!
Saturday Morning. No way was I riding, after 10hours rest I felt worse. My stomach confirmed this. I was pretty fed up and just wanted out of there as quickly as possible. The idea was drive to Kota Baru and maybe fly out but I did not have my passport and was told my drivers licence IC would not be good enough. I seriously did not know how I could hack another two days - no offence to everyone there, the spirit was superb I just did not feel like being a part of it.
I felt sorry for myself enough as it was. Every one riding or supporting was happy and I just wanted to be alone and sleep. When people saw I was not dressed to ride the obvious questions naturally started and I just didn't know what to do with myself :(
I drove Dave's truck following Joanne and her co pilot (sorry forgot your name). About two hours in, I was dangerously close to falling asleep at the wheel. Driving in the middle of the road I did not want to take out any peloton!! In the end I had to make a call to Jo and ask if she could drive. I was terrified I would have an accident. As soon as she got on the car I was asleep.
I slept and slept and one time I awoke to see  Patrick driving! Thank you guys for taking care of me on Saturday. I changed cars and left Patrick with the truck and went in Jo's car to KB. They bypassed the airport first where luck finally was on my side and I was able to get a ticket with airasia using my drivers licence. It cost me RM194 one way! But I needed to get home and get to the doctors.
I got home at 7pm last night. I had some food which kept my up most of the night and this morning went to the doctors. Apparently it is not serious but I do have a lot of medication to take and must abstain from coffee, chocolate and banana's for a few days - not so bad I guess!!
After sleeping all of today I still feel buggered. My body aches and I do not know whether this is from all the car travel or from the body's loss of nutrients from not being able to retain any food. My legs feel numb and dead. And I am worrying on how this is going to effect me...yes I mean as in my training!
I should not worry however. Interstate for me was about fun. It didn't quite turn out that way but my race is in 6months time. So I have plenty of time to get better and stronger. I could have completed the 3days of riding through sheer stupidly and on the fitness that I do have. But I have learnt some things. And by completing the ride I would have set myself back maybe 6weeks, instead I hope that I have finally nipped this bug in the bud!
I am one of those people I am afraid that does not like to go to the doctors. I should have gone a couple of weeks ago when I had a bad ride to Bentong. I didn't see it, but the others riding with me did. So maybe when you can not accept that something is wrong, you should tell yourself to listen to your friends - sometimes they are right and we train often enough together to know when one of us is not on form!
So, interstate 2011? I hear it will be back to August next year. I think that is during my Birthday :) So long as it does not clash with the Philippines 70.3 I think I would very much like to go back and exorcise my demons!!
Tomorrow? A gentle swim to reawaken the body.


plee said...

Rest and Recover well! We all hv our moments of denial when it comes to ailments and doctors!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good to hear you are doing much better than Sat. Hope the stomach thingy will soon be settled by all the medication. Looks like our coffee session will have to be postponed then :P (kidding).

~~ Joanne