Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Legs

Last time I rode Ulu Yam I was nearly savaged by dogs as I could hardly pedal up the first little bugger of a hill. I put it down to a bad day. And it is the first time I cut a ride short. EVER. Trouble is, I was having lots of 'Bad' days. Feeling under powered and not quite myself'. 
So used to having my health and not being ill, when I was actually struck by food poisoning I thought my super human resilience to bugs would shake it off. Oh how wrong was I.
So it has resulted in too many weeks of not feeling myself and ultimately getting quite down especially when at the back of your mind you know you have a rather big race to do later in the year. Supposed to be enjoying my base building, intense training but low hours at the moment; it has been two steps forward and one back. At least you could say I have been moving forward though.
So I attacked Ulu Yam again this morning with Jens. That first hill always gives me the hee-bee-gee-beez, its tough enough on your heart and legs without dogs chasing you!
Great morning for riding. Great company and I felt good and strong. The legs and body are finally back together and that has in turn given me a huge helping of much needed confidence.
Times are not something I make a habit of writing down. When I have a good one, I remember it. When I have a bad one, I remember it, because those are the ones that really build your mental strength.
Today, it was a confidence ego boosting ride. Not flat out and I still posted a new record for TBB to Ulu Yam and back. I am proud of myself today, proud and happy.

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