Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat Nap

Despite what you may think, I don't get time for cat naps, wish I did.
The week started off very well indeed, with regards to training. Usually Mondays are a BIG struggle, Tuesdays nasty but strong, Wednesdays...just get through the mayhem and then by Thursday I AM ON FIRE!! I usually KILL my longest turbo session and LOVE IT.
Last night I started rather late and I WAS killing the session, feeling good, humming along in my head to Frank Sinatra amongst others :) (I have found these days I don't need MAD fast music to get me going...just anything that makes me smile.)
After the boys left and locked up I switched into Spin-E-oky mode and started to sing for the last few sets...really enjoyed that...and as I was cleaning up after myself (mopping up the pools of sweat) the final track to come on was Eurythmics "I need a Man" . .hahhahaha!!!! That caused me to laugh out VERY loud indeed.
Trouble is last night unlike Monday, my endorphin high didn't last very long...maybe 5minutes (sounds about right eh??!!) By the time I got back upstairs (home) I was energy to cook...didn't want to eat - so a hot milo with condensed milk was the order of the day.

Woke up this morning and did NOT want to move. It's long swim day today. I have asked myself this question many many times over the past year. What makes me get out of bed EVERY day and train? No one is shaking a stick at me and there is definitely no one pushing me out of bed!! So WHY? No matter how I feel I still do it. I like to make things pretty simple and break the training down. So this morning it was just a swim. If I missed that swim it would mean I wouldn't do anything until I ride tomorrow morning. It is just 1hour plus of hurt that's all. one measly hour out of the whole day...nothing. Where as if I stayed in bed for an extra hour what good would that do me?? I will tell you. good at all! So just HTFU!

And once again...thereof endth the lesson :)

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