Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Looooooong weekend

My bus to Singapore left at 3pm on Saturday. That means I had to get my ride in very early and rather then do an afternoon session of training I had to train the swim and run back to back straight after the bike.
The day started early at 4:15am. On the bike by 5am to KLIA Downtown. Felt I was giving a good, no GREAT effort. Heart rate up there...pushing hard. But then everything started to fall apart. Heart rate dropped, cadence dropped. I still thought I was giving a good effort but knew I was far from it. So no PB today...I had had an awesome weeks training one of my strongest yet. So I guess it had finally caught up with me.
On the return the head was dropping and I had to start having a good yell at myself. Got to the toll after the Kerinchi link and something was wrong with George. Wouldn't you know it. If my day was already bad enough I had my first ever puncture during a ride. GREAT! Time was not on my side...still had swim, run and packing to do.
Changed the flat...used the C02 successfully but I buggered up the tube and it flatted again. F***!
Had to flag down a taxi 6k from home. Got to TBB put George in the store and whizzed up to home to get swim and run gear. 1.5k swim, 40min speed run and back in the store. SK and Wong were kindly 'mummifying' George for his trip down south so I left them to it and popped home to change.
Finally got on the bus. Brought a much needed first coffee of the day from Coffeebean. Sat down on the bus and moved a recline lever and the coffee tipped and went ALL over my jeans. HOT HOT HOT...Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what the hell next. Well thankfully nothing.
The trip was smooth and I rolled up to Bliss's house (my home for the next 2weeks) a little after 8pm, smack bang in the middle of their dinner party. I wasn't hungry but she put 2huge plates of food in front of me and I obliged.
Long run with Minsok her hubby this morning. Minsok is in the final few weeks prep for Kona. And his was a 3hour run today, after his 3k swim...and you think I am mad!!
I joined him for the last 2hours starting at 9.30am...yes it was hot...but it was also very pleasant not getting up at the crack of dawn.
Lunch and hanging by the pool at The American Club (Am I really in Asia, is all I could think about) and then Korean food for dinner.
Training tomorrow is going to be switched about. Turbo in the morning and swim at work later in the day...this is gonna be interesting and FUN (I hope).


sofiantriathlete said...

what a full saturday. can't really predict coffee nowadays. Have a good two weeks

yipwt said...

3 hr run after 3km swim?....gosh...