Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally I am blogging. It is going to be short, but VERY sweet...and I mean that literally. I have not been traipsing round malls really can't be bothered with that. BUT if there is one thing I do love that you find in the malls it is Gourmet Shops. Love to cook, love to eat, also love to shop and drool over prettily packaged foods...particularly the sugary indulgent ones :)
Briefly popped into Paragon with Bliss last weekend and downstairs by the supermarket I found this Canelle counter selling chocolates, cakes...basically ALL things gorgeous and good for you...NOT. A kid in a premium candy store...Emma was in love. Especially with the cannonball sized meringues on top the counter! I had to get me one of those!! Last weekend however was not the time or place but I made a mental note to go back and get one.
After a lazy Sunday morning yesterday I got a cab over to Paragon with Joel and went straight to Canelle for my Vanilla meringue. It was 11am, stomach was rumbling and what better way to satisfy it than with a huge pile of sugar and egg whites (see getting my protein).
I didn't realise however how much attention I was going to arouse, walking down Orchard road trying to negotiate my mouth around the cannonball!
At first I thought people were checking me out...but I soon realised that they were actually checking out the huge meringue in my hand that I was trying my best to eat as daintily as possible!!! Perhaps not the most successful street food ever invented...but I enjoyed it IMMENSELY!
Pictures say a thousand words...say no more!!!
We went back to the same place last night with Bliss, Minsok and their daughter Hanna. She was quite upset when I informed her I had already had my fix!! Hanna went ahead and had the rose flavoured meringue which this morning she still has not finished!!!

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