Friday, September 25, 2009

Road ID

TSB asked me earlier today if I have one of these. I don't. But I do need one and it has been on my shopping list as I do ride alone these days. My idea to save some shipping and get everyone safely ID'd up is that we place a bulk order. Now of course this will take some organising.
If you want one I suggest you go to the site fill out your details and then forward teh link to TSB on The ID costs USD21.95 each.
He will compile a list of all the names and details and submit the order. Before the order is placed PLEASE ensure you PAY. You can do this by leaving the money at The Bike Boutique KL or directly to TSB or myself (EMMA :)
Cutoff date to submit details and payment Friday 16th October (2weeks from today).
If you submit details but TSB does not recieve payment your order will not go through!
Road ID's will be delivered to TBB KL.


heckler said...
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heckler said...

I had a nasty accident myself last year a week before Christmas. I know how it feels like particularly in that situation. I was lucky that day that there were fellow riders riding on the same route that came to my aid.

Thank god I'm conscious too to be able to make phone calls myself. Imagine if I'm not and w/o any ID.

Simon did write somehting similar some time back...

Anonymous said...

hi emma,
this is good idea. but wouldn't it be easy if you give your account number maybank,cimb etc so we can pay directly using online application?

Anonymous said...

I got ours directly from the RoadID website, it was very quick and easy to do online and cheap to get posted from the US to KL - arrived within 2 weeks.

Emma said...

totally up to you guys if you want ot order independantly. Would prefer however if you want to order en mass you leave money at TBB. Been there done that using my account and ended up chasing people to bank in. So while it would be easier for you guys it doesn;t make my life easier :)