Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A few more shards of light

I won't post any more pictures after this...unless something really funny emerges! But these do prove that I was sober on collecting my trophy (no way could I have stood on that step if inebriated). Secondly they prove I do smile. Thirdly it proves things went down hill pretty quickly, there were a lot of NICE bare torsos on show and finally, that I really can't dance!!!
Thank you Philippines for the most amazing time. You went out of your way to make everyone not just the pro's feel special. I am very proud to have participated and to have been a small part of such a wonderful triathlon event. I will be back next year (AUGUST 22nd) to defend my titles (one for the AG 70.3 and one for the Awards night as "The only person who CONSISTANTLY managed to keep falling off the stage!) It was very high!!


David said...

Nice funky chicken moves going on!
Looks like you dance as well as you swim sis ha ha x x

jan said...

miss twinkle toes, haha! belated happy birthday, by the way :D

joel said...

emma, the bottom pic was taken just before your a$$ landed on the floor! haha! photo credit goes to team mate bong arroyo, who managed to stay sober enough to capture triathletes in their, ummm, shining moment.

Emma said...

Thank you Joel and thanks Bong Arroyo!!!
Don't remember the dancing but I had some beautiful brusies to prove it :)

rizzo said...

Hey Emma....I beg to disagree---I was there---you CAN dance!!! :) When it comes to race after-parties, you are an honorary Fitness First Tri team member!

Emma said...

Hey Rizzo!!

Cool...then I accept with honor...miss you guys...maybe I come do the white rock tri OR you come do Putrajaya 70.3...followed by another party!!!?? ;)