Wednesday, September 9, 2009


You often see construction workers, Alam Flora guys etc, taking a siesta in the afternoon. It is a common sight, gets very hot in the afternoon, and there you are stuck in a traffic jam in the cool air-con of your car and there they are sweating their B******* off for very little money. So I don't blame them!
But just to prove it doesn't just happen here...over in good old Blighty where the pay for these heavy labour jobs is pretty OK (so I have heard)...and the weather is not going make you fizzle out in the midday heat - cos there isn't any! They still like to take the biscuit (aka take the piss) and have themselves a little siesta too. Trouble is over in Blighty, Big Brother (surveillance cameras) is everywhere and as such you should really think twice about where you are going to have a little afternoon snooze!
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