Friday, January 8, 2010

Albert Park & Beach Road

Beach Road is synonymous with cyclists in Melbourne. Every Saturday and Sunday morning thousands of cyclists take to Beach Road for their morning bike fix. Some social, some racers, almost ALL roadies :( I was asked if I would like to join the throng of riders. Fearing I would get swallowed up and spat out or more likely cause a massive accident I politely declined. Can we perhaps ride later in the day I asked, when it is: A) Warmer, and B) Safer for all of mankind!!!
So that's what we did. I swam and ran in the morning, the run took me round the 'Tan' Aussie spiel for Botanical gardens. (They just have to be different). The swim prior to that was in a nicely heated pool..29 degrees Mmmmm :)
The pec (boob) muscle was still hurting so swimming was not about paddles and speed. I just forced myself as often and when required to get in there and just swim solid for at least an hour. I was surprised actually how quickly that hour started to go by. So much nicer when warm.
Anyway back to my ride...
Left late afternoon from the CBD heading to Beach Road. We bypassed Albert park where they hold the F1. Got to ride on a bit of the track and down the pit lane...that was cool, Vroom Vroom!!!
Then it was through some 'Burbs' (Suburbs People) towards the beach. Still not very strong in the saddle, I have found riding the toughest to get back into as it seems to use the very part of my chest muscle that still hurts. I was way behind my riding buddy. Ok ok, so he is almost an Elite level (injured too) but that doesn't stop me getting annoyed at being behind! Man I felt slow. My speedo had been fixed (damn) and I saw I was managing 25kph. I WAS slow. Crap. It feels pretty windy though I thought to myself. I glanced over to the ocean and the kite surfers where having a whale of a time. Hmmmn. Buddy in question drops back. Man it's windy today, not normally like this, he says. You serious? Yup, this is bad, he says. Hmmn. Ok, then maybe its not me, but just Mother Nature.Put it this way. On the way out the side wind and headwind was such that I was unable to get aero. It was just too dangerous. I am strong, but not THAT strong. On the return however. Ooo la la!!! 45kph average :) Loving it. I even picked up a Aussie male wheel sucker. AND I was still using the granny cassette. The only downside is the bloody traffic lights. Way too many. And you HAVE to stop. My wheel sucker even mentioned at one set of lights 'what do you do about the lights' - (I think he was implying that I was going rather quickly). I just grunted, waited for green and then sped off trying to drop the Sucker!!! Well...I mean come on :)
And there ya have it, another one of my rides. Weather: sunny and COOL, really too cool for Emma, she don't handle it well at all. Wind: we looked it up when we got back. 25kph with 45kph that explains it!


sofiantriathlete said...

Did you see the apostles (Ocean Road) or swim at that lovely pool by the sea with salt water?
Or that pool is not in Melbourne?

Emma said...

honestly? Not sure what I saw...too many tears in my eyes from the cold!!! and that is the truth :) Didn't do the salt water pool...too far away the city baths was just 2 min walk from the apartment :)

sofiantriathlete said...

ok, tq
I thought there was a heat wave there. Oh well

Anonymous said...