Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeah Right!!!

Shop till you drop! How the average woman burns 48,000 calories a year...
"It's the perfect excuse for women who are accused of making one too many shopping trips. A study has revealed that High Street sprees are good for your health. The average woman burns around 385 calories - the equivalent of a piece of carrot cake or two large glasses of wine - trudging around stores each week."
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Emma says: OH Purlease...I seriously dislike shopping. And while 48,000 calories seems like a lot, in the big scheme of things (like a current weeks training) I burn approximately an extra 17,500 per WEEK! Now lets take a proper look at these healthy shoppers shall we? Nope, sorry...I cannot for the life of me see anything remotely attractive about the image below.

This image however, I find extremely attractive...Sorry, couldn't help myself...I know he is an ARSE...but its a nice front and back all the same ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think that report is just a lame attempt to aid the economy recovery.