Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Meltdown

One day at a time. That is the rule. Don't think about what you have to do the next morning or God forbid the next week and absolutely do not think about race day. Some days this is easier said than done. I have been taking one day at a time. Some days are strong and some days are bad. And some other days are emotional meltdowns.
You never get 2 strong days in a row. And if you get one good session your gonna be lucky to punch out the 2nd or 3rd session in the same manner. I have learnt to accept all of this. It is no measure of my improvement or fitness. But by ploughing through it is a measure of my mental strength. And that, at the end of the day is what is really important.
SO. I had a really enjoyable ride on Saturday with Faisal, Adzim, Andrea and Vong (x3). Of course we didn't ride together. But knowing that they were doing my route gave me comfort and a feeling of safety - which is sadly much needed these days considering the events that did happen on the weekend with a nutter of a motorcyclist who took a dislike to one of our riders!
So if they were in front I had a carrot to chase so to speak. I never chase, I just stick to my plan, my cadence. So when people overtake me going up the steeper inclines. Do I like it? NO. But do I get out the saddle and attack to catch them up? NO. I stick to my plan and do as I am told.
On the way back I was a taxi of sorts and this again was huge motivation for me. Knowing they are there kept me pushing making sure that they were happy with the pace I was keeping. Sometimes riding alone the concentration on the return ebbs slightly and you realise you are not pushing as hard as you should!
My afternoon swim was FUN. A class of kids were waiting to get in the pool. Damn, damn. But as soon as their little tootsies touched the water the heavens opened and ping pong ball sploshes of rain descended. It was a HUGE rain storm. Well all the parents rushed their little ones out and escaped to the safety of a near by car or coffee shop I imagine. Me? I stayed in the pool. Warm as toast. It was hard work with the wind and rain but pretty safe as there was no lightening. And I think even though not a strong swim the fact that I hung in there is testament to my swimming commitment. Not too long ago, the sniff of rain would stop me going in and the start of such a storm would have me outta there. Basically...as the coach said. Any excuse...you don't swim.
Swim done I went home to shower and change. The storm was still heavy so waited a while and then a rainbow appeared and the sun shone through. Time for my run. Intervals. Man I felt bad. Arms heavy like tree trunks and my legs felt like they were running in treacle. OK. 10minutes I told myself. After 10minutes the intervals start. OK lets see how. So I start to do the pick ups. Hmmm...not nice. Not nice at all. By the time I am on my 90sec pick ups I felt I was on a slow train to no where - I was going no where. Did someone just put a treadmill on the road?? Decision time...Stop, carry on or just run. Well Stop is not a word I like to equate with running. Carry on...was not doing any good. JUST RUN...and so that's what I did. Despite it being a beautiful evening straight after such a storm the humidity was very high. Steam was literally rising from the tarmac in plumes. As such I think this was a factor that buggered my breathing and made the run so difficult. Job done in the bag. Home, food, bed.
Sunday run. Thank you Faisal for joining me. This was fun. The pace was comfortable...talking comfortable :) I know I need to pick this up come race day and considering how I felt last year doing the long runs compared to now - I BELIEVE it will be there. Basically we finished the 2 loops and then I carried on a bit to fill up the time. And I could have gone longer...so the endurance legs ARE there..just need to go faster...not yet though :)
Afternoon I have a choice. Easy run or Swim. I do not like choices. Why can't he say Run. Swim. Anyway I chose to swim. BIG. HUGE. mistake. It was a really hot day so I went to the pool that was empty and that was the one that can get quite cold. But it was a very hot day so I though it should be warm by now. A lot of fluid had been lost in the morning session but I had put most of it back. My legs were now telling me they were knackered and getting out of a chair was increasingly difficult. So I got in the pool. OMG. Did someone just throw a truck load of ice in??? Ok. Swim you will get warm. I did and I didn't (get warm) it was terrible. I got out. I sulked. I went to another pool to see if that was any warmer (think Goldilocks trying the different porridge) that was me but prancing around in swim cap and goggles with all my pool toys trying to find a water temperature to suit. Nope the other pool felt exactly the same. What was wrong?
Now I was really pissed and on the verge of a meltdown. Ok run then. Do something for Christs sake. I cannot explain how uncomfortable the legs were though, the week and weekend was catching up and I was also starting to think about my looming Mental Monday. (I know this is against the rules) but I have a 5hour training day on Mondays and I was thinking HOW?
Rang a friend. (Nope I wasn't on Who wants to be a Millionaire) just needed a friendly voice. Only problem is when I heard it I did indeed meltdown and had to ring off! Right harden up MISS. If you cannot run then walk. And so that is what I did. I walked on my hill repeats. The good news...my legs felt 100% better afterwards...it was just what the doctor ordered.
Monday is now in the bag, the long swims get done and my 3hour turbos are just 3hours at the end of the day. It's no biggie. Tuesday is short and nasty. Wednesday is long, Thursday is longer, Friday is short and the weekend is now a 3 day weekend with a 7hour Saturday, 4 Hour Sunday and 5 hour Monday.
I have not spoken about IMMY much at all. But to be honest. I really hope I get the slot in Langkawi. My second year anniversary in the sport after two years of non stop training I am really really wanting a breather. Perhaps a holiday without George even?? If I don't get it? Then I will keep on training until I do :)

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