Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Em's Power Cookies

Darn it!...seems somebody else jumped on the bandwagon before I got there. I have been cooking up my own versions of 'nutrition' for a while now. We all have pipe dreams and wouldn't it be SO cool to have your own nutrition brand?
Well it seems I already do. Browsing in a bike store in Melbourne and I stumbled upon these delights. So cool I had to try em (pun intended). The bad news...so someone has already used my name. The good news...They taste FANTASTIC so anyone who thinks there are mine will not be disappointed!! The more bad news...1 bar retailed for about AUS$6.50 - that's RM22 - OUCH!!!
I am willing to still cook up my own versions for a lot less, okay so they don't have the pretty packaging but they do taste YUM ;)

1 comment:

the Wongstar said...

I bet you could get them to sponsor you! free product if anything!! :D