Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going long with a GU Sarnie

Ask and ye shall receive. Well not always. Actually never when I was a kid. But last Friday when everyone in the store was rambling on about their planned long ride I was in a sulk. I still only had a short one dialed in on the radar. I decided to email the powers and ask when I will be stepping up.
Friday evening - no reply. Oh well short it is. Saturday morning...I checked the email again at 5:45am. instructions: Switch to IM list and away you go!! Oh great. Away where? I was too late to hop on the ride that was going out with Wong and Co. and so settled in for a solo one to Sepang and back via Salak. Circa I guess is around 160k thereabouts. For the long Saturday rides I have 5hours to play with. I came back with 25minutes to spare. So I will try and extend the route a little this Saturday - or not ;)
Back home and I spent the next 3/4hours doing not a lot. (I do not envy those of you with major family commitments - I am good for nothing after training) except: Drinking and eating, drinking and eating. Then as the clock turned 15:30 I went down to the pool for my long swim. With that in the bag I showered and changed to running clothes. Downed more fuel and went out to run. Finished that and that was my Saturday done. Had not spoken to a soul. The only speaking I do of late (when not at TBB) is all virtual - VERY VERY SAD...but not for much longer.
Sunday morning...3k swim and 3hour run. My longest run since IM MY last year. Upping the bike time an hour or so is easy. Upping the run legs from 90mins to 3hours can bite one in the sweet butt!
After the swim it is a shower and refuel. This is where my new favourite nutrition comes in. The GU Sarnie. I LOVE chocolate spread. Don't buy it though as I could merrily sit down with a spoon and eat the lot in one sitting. BUT, I have choc-mint GU gels. This was given a trial run in Oz. Buttered brown bread with a gel inside - gorgeous. This time round I hit the nail smack bang on the head. Gel needs to be nice and cold straight from the fridge - and the taste elevates from gorgeous to heavenly. Anyway the run...Luckily even though it is in the heat of the day 711's are all around my area. So every 30mins or so was a water/gel stop. Told myself steady. Work into it. Well my run never changes. The pace I go out the door is the one I bring it home in (most of the time). Was pretty happy. The second loop was just under a minute slower than the first. Spent the rest of the day smashed and having to pull out of Carmen's dinner invite :( as I just needed bed. The good news? I am alive...and I am still SMILING :)

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the Wongstar said...

um I think I just vomited in my mouth a little. butter and GU on bread?!?!