Sunday, January 10, 2010

Running Down Under

Before I post about my first IM weekend of training I would like to recall my running experiences in Melbourne. The weather in the rainy city is extremely unpredictable even in the height of summer. I arrived on Christmas eve and by evening the heavens had opened and I was freezing. Christmas day blue skies but chilly. By Sunday the thermometer had gone up and after my morning swim I downed a GUgel sarnie (all will be revealed later) and went off for my run.My run buddy had conveniently broken his ribs! Any excuse. But in order for me to not get too lost and give me a tour of the city, he hopped on his 'Green Meanie' Bad Boy Urban street bike and off we went. This is a great way to train on the run as I don't have to carry anything. I had my own personal 'Water Boy'!
Running has never been my forte. I have always dreamed of just lacing up the shoes and popping out the door and running a la Forest Gump. Well this Sunday long run was probably as near to that as I am ever going to get.
It was awesome. Running through the city, bustling with shoppers picking up sale bargains. Across bridges, through parks, along the Yarra river, down by the name we ran there. I mean I ran, he rode. It's also an extremely cool way to spend time with someone. Shopping and hanging out in the mall is SOOOO NOT what I want to do!! It was peaceful, tranquil, perfect temperature...just a very good experience. So much so my 90minutes knocked onto 2:04 - oops.
Wednesday training: Swim - one hour and then back to ride. Prepared for the thermometer to rise even more. Today the mercury was going to hit 45! We rode 3hours in the morning on some rather hilly rolling Burbs and ended the outing at the local 'Crit' Criterium circuit where I whizzed round for a half dozen times before heading back. By the time I went out on my brick run the heat was starting to sizzle. I ran through the burbs for 40minutes. Yes it was hot, yes I lost a little water but it was no where as near draining as running here on a hot day.
My final long run was last Sunday. This was a solo effort for 90minutes directly after the swim. From sizzle to drizzle. I had two layers and a fleece top on and my new Skin shorts. Ran the previous day in long skins - really don't like running in long pants. I took myself around the city and along the Yarra on the pontoon. So many families out all cycling...amazing how many people in this city ride a bike - awesome. Also what is great when running along the Yarra is the people firing up the barbies. The smells are intoxicating. And since it was the holiday season...champagne was many peoples tipple of choice. People living life to the full, Melbourne is surely a picturesque city where there seems to be a large majority of people embracing the healthy lifestyle. But reality soon sadly comes down to a bump when you enter the food court of shopping malls and are hard pushed to find someone who is not obese - crazy. So many healthy choices - its not hard to be good and occasionally bad. Personally I think I have it down to a T :)


Jaime Menendez de Luarca said...

so you are doing a good job!!! Hope u get your slot. I´´´ try to do the same in april a would like to meet u again in Kona.

BTW; I go on wednesday to Cervelo Test Team Presentation; ill try to take a P4 51 size for u

Emma said...

And you thought I wasn't training!!!
heheh, thanks Jamie. But Actually I don't want to zoom before I can fly, so I would actually rather like to try the new P3 first :)
Good luck with your Lanzarote training, checked your blog...looks pretty chilly!!
And yes would love to see you in Kona ;)