Thursday, January 21, 2010

Early Bird IM Philippines

I have not thought about a race calender for 2010...yet. I have decided to think on it after next month. But there are a couple of races that are earmarked as 'Must Do's. One of those is the Cobra 70.3 Philippines. For those who missed the inaugural event last year Do NOT miss out this year. If there is one race you want to travel for then this IS THE one to do.
I would like to defend my title :) and go and enjoy the after party and this year hopefully NOT fall off the stage! Can not guarantee that though ;)
Anyway, I had an email from the race director just yesterday asking if I was coming. The early bird registration date is looming and they have not heard from me - How's that for follow up service!!!
So I sent an email right back and said I am on it and will try and tempt some of my Malaysian triathlete buddies to come along too. I was the only one from Malaysia last year:( So what are you waiting for??? For more details log onto

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Miroslav said...

Hi Emma, you are right, that the Philippino IM70.3 is one of the best races. It's definitely a must do for everyone competing in Asia!

As for 2009, do not worry, you were not the only one from Malaysia.