Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back in Love

Been a crazy CRAZY week - hence the lack of blogging. I have used the week to start enjoying my month of no structure. What do I want to do today? Swim, Bike or run? All 3, just 1? So long as I do something every day and keep some sort of fitness it is all good. March is not about Marching on with what I was doing.
Been doing lots of thinking about the future, goals, career, all sorts. One thing I had not addressed prior to IM was what races am I going to target this year - with the exception of Philippines 70.3 and Kona everything else was a question mark.

Well now I have a plan - sort of :) I have a goal. I have a focus for me, personally and professionally. I pretty much think after 2weeks of being a sulky sue I am finally back to normal - as normal as I can be. Call it spring cleaning of my life. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.
So, last week George and I rarely made eye contact. Did not want to get on him. Took me all week to get my arse out and riding. Today however I am back in love.
Rode with Sam to Ulu Yam. This HAS to be my most favourite ride. WHY? Sometimes I wonder why as we know hills are not my forte. But if time is not on your side riding to Ulu Yam and back from TBB is the most intense, exhilarating AWESOME 3hour ride.
Let your lungs collapse going up the hills, feel the lactic build as you climb the long drawn out inclines. Swear, mutter, grit your teeth and say WHY am I doing this it hurts so much. But then lucky for me I have a very short memory. Get to the top and pop him into 53/11 for a FAST decent and I have forgotten about the 30minutes of pain while I speed along to the coffee shop.
LOVE IT, it was exactly what was needed to kick start my passion for the bike again. And who knows, one day I may even be able to climb them hills without leaving my heart and lungs at the bottom...stranger things have happened!


sofiantriathlete said...

You crouch over the handle bars when climbing.
The Tour people, look up, body as straight as possible, rock the bike rythmatically and seem to dance on their toes.

Emma said...

I just do what I am told...and I am frequently told I am not a roadie :)