Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Forrest Gump Moment

I had me a Forrest Gump Moment this morning. Woke up. Put on runners and headed out the door. There was a slight drizzle in the air, it was cool despite being 8am. Perfect running weather. The plan was to run the 70.3 course and some so I knew wearing my iPod would not be a hazard to my safety - no cars to listen out for and I am in Singapore after all so no danger!
I started running, volume turned up to the max. No pressure, no real target. Just enjoy. And enjoy I did. Constantly there was a huge smile appearing on my face. Felt a bit stupid as I was not with anyone and passers by may have wondered what an earth I was smiling at. Mad white chick running in the now heavy rain.
Just happy to be out there and running and feeling good, well kind of good. Still coughing, and stuffed up but a nice run all the same.
And so to the Forrest Gump Moment. From Bayshore apartments I ran down to the East Coast park and along to the big splash and beyond as far as I could go. I then turned around and ran back the other way past my turn off and again as far as I could go. I then turned back and started to head home when I remembered the jetty that goes out to sea. It is pretty long and I wanted to add a little bit more on (I was aiming for 2hours) so okay there was a target. The jetty was lined with fisherman casting their lines, I gave them big smiles they gave me big smiles right back. And then to the end. No where to go but turn around and run back! And that was my Forrest Gump Moment.
It's very rare that I have such runs that make me feel so happy and alive. The race is tomorrow and I am happy I am not racing. It is good to be here, to be part of the action, to be in the playground without having to suit up. I don't think I will always feel this way but since I accepted a month of 'nothing' I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. On the contrary it is good and healthy to be on the other side of the fence...for a change :)

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