Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trying New Things

In my Month of 'Keeping Fit' I am throwing caution to the wind and willing to try new things. Lets not go overboard here, the new things still involve swim, bike, run; it is just the order or the manner in which they are executed :)
So with no Structure for the month, I am half way through my 'Keep Fit' Month and actually rather enjoying it - yesterday morning I treated myself to a triathlon for FUN! Kind of making it up as I go along. The hours are a lot less and that means more energy for work and to be social for a change.
Something I have never done is ride at night. Well that all changed last night when I joined the PCC night ride from KSH. Rode over with Arif from TBB after work and was looking forward to something new, meaning new route (they said lots of hills), and people (riding in a group). Two things, the former, not being a real forte of mine and the later being a totally alien concept to me!
I only have one bike - George. So I will not apologise for being the odd one out. Started out OK. But then I don't know what happens...I start catching people up and rather than ride side by side and be social I find myself jumping away to the front. Vong Vong Vong, then told me off and reminded me that I had said I would I dropped back :P
ANYWAY...the guys stop a couple of times for everyone to regroup, this is nice and courteous as there seems to be a big difference in the abilities of all the riders. Again, new to me...I am impatient - even when not training.
On the way back I was warned of the darkness through KLGCC so followed a guys rear light to save coming a cropper. As we came out I thought that was the end (and it was) but the guy I was following carried on and I had already asked him was this it. He said something about hills. So I followed thinking we had more to do. Honestly...I was just getting going :D Alas, he wasn't doing more he was going home. So I missed the makan and ended I riding extra on my own!
SO, even when I TRY and ride with a group I still end up alone. The moral of this story is:
Emma does not do groups, she tries, but really sucks at it!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Good to have u come ride with PCC..We ended back KSH & the go over other side (opposite), Mosin mamak shop for refuel. Ya ya, i know i know only 26km, what refuel, LOL.

Do come back & ride with us if & when u r keeping fit & not training :)

~~ JO