Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next Year

So the calender for this year is pretty much done. It is not concrete though :) There is a little (BIG) race going on today in Abu Dhabi. Plenty of IM Malaysia athletes - mostly pro's have popped over to do this race. And while I want to do China 2011, I REALLY want to do this race next year. It was made for me!

3k swim followed by 200k BIKE. Yes you heard me. 200K and NO DRAFTING - woo HOO followed by a short 20k run...OMG wanna do it, gonna do it. Anyone else?
And while the distance is enough in itself to get me over there, there is a little extra nugget of Age Group Prize purse - USD20,000.00! Just a little extra carrot. The pro's are fighting it out for a purse of USD230,000.00 which goes 10deep in both male and female ranks.
And that's how it SHOULD be. I have been listening to a lot of talk going on about the new rulings, % this and that. Well Kona slots aside, the money should be given whatever and wherever and however far back you finish.
When a pro pays for their license (USD750) and pays to get themselves to a start line they are doing their job. This is what they train for. If the purse is 10deep. PAY 10deep. And if there are one or two age groupers in the mix - ignore them. We participate because we can, it is our passion. It is NOT our job. Every other sport pays. You get knocked out in the first round - you get paid. You get sick and can't play in the final of the Australian Open (Justine Henin)...You GET PAID!!! You get the picture and a lot has been said. Simply put, that's how I feel.
Personally I look forward to sharing the road with the pro's in Abu Dhabi next year, as for the age group purse if it is still there or not an issue with me. It's nice. But it is not WHY I do this sport.


Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................

Jaime Menendez de Luarca said...

Share Abu Dhabi Road with me :-)

Emma said...

You going again next year Jamie??
COOL...BUT first coffee in KONA - right! No pressure, just get the slot :P

Jense said...

I know it's in german, but a picture tells more than a thousand words, right?