Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keeping fit in Lake Kenyir

Thanks for the snap Abu :)
My 4th weekend of no structure and doing as I like. The goal, once I recovered from a chest infection was to try and exercise for two hours a day. Keep the body ticking over with a relatively good base of fitness. At first it was a nightmare. YIKES. HELP, what do I do? Is it okay to do this and that...Ooo maybe I shouldn't do that? After so long sticking to time and routine it was weird. But crikey. It is March and I needed a break for the mind and body. And have had great fun picking and choosing what do do and how long to do it...my only guidance being 2hours - and that was my decision :)
I also made a promise to myself NOT to ask any advice from coach. No structure means no coaching and so I went off to Lake Kenyir to have fun and didn't say a Dicky bird about what I was doing!
It WAS great fun. I did not want to really hurt myself, I knew the body was still recovering from my cough and push too hard and it would be straight back to square one. But then it is me. And after the swim it is always about catch up - right?
So anyway, it was a VERY long long drive thanks to a GPS. Note to everyone who has them - do not trust a GPS when going out out station. If it tells you to turn right at a football field and you find yourself driving down a road with no signs, a herd of cows and pot holes - something is wrong!
Anyway, great fun with awesome company. I got my kit together Sunday morning...did not bother Saturday night - that's how relaxed I was! Actually said to Razlan in transition - not sure what I was doing there and I was sure I had forgotten something. - HA. Yeah I forgot my nerves.
So the swim, the problem is the start. I am way to slow getting into it. It was quicker than last year at 28:30 but and to quote 'And we need to talk on what we are going to do on swim' - I have been warned.

The bike and run where slower than last year. I wanted to push but I also wanted to play. Once I caught Chris up the plan was for her to sit on my tail. And she did all the way until the last hill. Great job Chris!! We will get you on that podium :)
On the run, bahhh...got a niggle in my hip flexor that keeps coming and going. It was hilly. I saw Jap Sam out in front a wee bit and thought, catch him up and we run together? But then we went up the hill and he went backwards ?
So I ran with one of the army boys - this seems to becoming a regular thing for me. Was great FUN. Nice to know what position I was in, no pressure, no slot to go for, just enjoying the sport. It was sweetened all the more with a pay day.
A lovely event that is my favourite local OD distance. Thank you Mr Chan. Super weekend.
And a special shout to Disco Dave who claimed his first podium of what will be I am sure many and to Prakash the 'Ultra' racer who did the Energizer 21k, hopped in the car with Patrick, drove through the night arrived at 6am and rocked up to the start line! Now THAT is what this sport is about - it is a LIFESTYLE and Prakash embraces it more than anyone I know - AWESOME big guy, proud of you:)

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