Sunday, March 7, 2010

Down Time

I am not going to China. Perhaps a wise decision. So the the month of March is about some well earned downtime. Time to relax enjoy some social training and realign goals, work and life.
I got out on the bike today for the first time since last Saturday. Huge HUGE struggle to get out the door...motivation and post race blues have been hitting me left right and centre. For 18months I have known EXACTLY what I was doing each day, now that security blanket is gone.
The easy spin with Ish and Ezer is just what the doctor ordered. And so was the pizza lunch this afternoon with a few of the IM.
My head is clearing. October is a long time off and it is after all just a race. One I would like to do well, BUT just a race. There are a few things I will try and keep under control this time:
1. Enjoy my training - always
2. Not get consumed
3. Keep a healthy balance
4. ENJOY my training
Having said that I of course have a goal. Getting there was part of it. Now my ticket is booked there is the target. It has to be something achievable and I believe it is. Of course as we all experienced last weekend - you never know on the day, but so long as you are prepared, relaxed fit and healthy - anything is possible.
The swim needs to be assessed...this will happen soon. And as for the goal, simple. Top 5 in age group. The past few years this means a 10:40 or better. I believe this is possible...hey anything is possible on the day, it is not unrealistic. It will be a challenge and one I am looking forward to starting. Not yet though...the body is on a well earned time out.


Jaime Menendez de Luarca said...

Good decision!

Ishsal said...

was a pleasure and privilege on sunday, most fun ride ever! in 16degree kuwait now, 2nd floor gym is it :) relax and enjoy the time.

emailed my travel agent for flight check oct 5/6 and out to LA oct 10. we shall see!