Friday, October 15, 2010

Atlas Peak

I have heard about Atlas Peak in Napa for some time now. So it was only right that I get my butt on Roger the roadie and follow my tour guide up the peak. The temperature here in Napa is spookily hot for this time of year. I believe I have brought the heat, read: mid 90's, with me!

The mornings are still chilly as are the evenings, but when it warms up - boy is it hot! On my ride through the vineyards the other day it was mainly flat with some little 'bumps' and gorgeous scenery. The vines are so heavy and ripe for harvesting that you can literally smell the wine as you ride past :)

So. Atlas Peak. An 8mile climb, thats 12/13km for us so a little bit of an extension to Perez. I am still pretty wiped out and the other day did too much and smashed myself up. Plus it is so dry here that my asthma is giving me some problems. With that in mind I left my ego in bed and tootled up the mountain.

What can I say, AWESOME! It has been 17years since I was last in the states. And then I was in Houston - not the best introduction in the world. I tell you one thing though. It will not be 17years before I return!!
I now have two days of downtime before I leave for Maui. I am also now house sitting Rocky the Rockstar dog as my tour guide is up at Jackson hole in Wyoming for a few days. I will try not to get lost, and try not to burn the house down and try not to crash the car.

I did test drive the car yesterday. Never driven on the wrong side of the road before or driven left hand drive. It went ok. But I think my co driver was pretty edgy about the whole episode. So when we got back in the car he asks: "don't you want to drive back"?
No WAY, I say...YOU are freaking me out so much I would probably have an accident!

Anyway, I will attempt to use the Prius tomorrow, and ride the bike and do a run and not get lost. If there is no post by this time tomorrow then you can pretty much assume I am halfway across the states!

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jaimev said...

It looks very nice . Enjoy the trip.