Friday, October 15, 2010

Down Time

Post race: Sunday Oct 10th

With only three hours of sleep I woke up not so much with a hangover I think but perhaps still high from the previous evening. The reason my head was so dodgy I believe was an over indulgence of Sake!

I had a race report to write for the teamTBB and as much as I wanted to idle around I wanted to get it written up ASAP so I could go relax out on the beach. Finally by 11am I had done my work for the day and we went and chilled on the lawn and watched the surfers play in the surf. 
It's a hard life...but you know what I am not apologizing or feeling guilty. O make you feel slightly better I did burn my white belly - it had to happen. I call it an undercoat so now I can build on that before I go to Maui on the 17th.
After a sunbathing session it was into the convertible and off for a spot of lunch before the awards and party!

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