Sunday, October 3, 2010

USA...are YOU ready?

Packing a small bag for a month of travelling was a challenge. Luckily only one of my destinations calls for some long sleeves and proper shoes (whatever those are).
So my trip starts with Carmen and Wong and myself all flying together to Kona. We stop off in Tokyo, then on to Honolulu and last stop Kona.

I am very lucky to be sharing a condo on the beach with a couple of guys. I say lucky, maybe I should clarify that when I arrive as I have yet to meet one of my roomies! We arrive in Honolulu at the same time so perfect we can share a cab. I was joking when I mentioned the placard. I don’t think he was though!!!

I went shopping last week and finally got a couple of bikinis, I know, I know the island will be full of them. But honestly the last thing I want to do is go around bikini shopping! Now a few weeks ago I was told ‘we’ as in me and my roomies are doing the underpants run. A fun run for a kilometre I think, in yes your underpants, knickers, smalls, undies are some other terms you may be familiar with.

Ok cool, I am up for that. But first I must go underpant shopping. Don’t misread me I do own underwear and I do wear it. But this kind of ‘exposure’ calls for a very special pair of knickers!

If I have forgotten anything too late now (I ment to post this earlier but had no time so I am now at the airport). I have a video camera and will be doing my best to shoot some little V-blogs as well as some sensational snaps.

Now even though I am officially on holiday I have a secret assignment. Not only will I be trying to blog here but also I will be bringing you live and exclusive footage to Malaysia’s first REAL go-to website: The website has had a few technical snags in the past months but please do not lose faith, we all know how tricky these things can be when starting up. So check into the blog daily here and you can also access via facebook here.

So if you want to know what’s going on during race week and actually more importantly what trouble I am getting into then make a point to log on every day! And if you are not a fan on FB then become one and you can get instant alerts!

Ok, enough for now. The adventure is about to begin…Selamat Jalan Malaysia, ohayoo gozaimasu Japan and Aloha Hawaii!


celmore said...

Have a great time in Kona. I am very excited to have my cards in the Ironman merchandise tent! Look forward to checking out

Denis Oakley said...

Go "Supergirl"! Have loads of fun and look forward to seeing loads of great blogs

sckhoo said...

Enjoy your vacation and have a great time in Kona. You will have your chance to race there.

Saw you running at Sri Hartamas, thought you are not going to Hawaii.

Have fun!!

zErOiCe said...

Have a great time!

tryathlete said...

Have a great vacation Emma. You deserve it.