Friday, October 15, 2010

K-Swiss Party

I had been reliably informed the K-Swiss party was the place to be and it seems everyone else was heading in that direction too. We needed some sort of pass, not quite sure what it was but the place was heaving. Madness. I bumped into Charlotte Paul outside. Charlotte and hubby Kristian will also be in Maui for Xterra (Kristian is racing for FUN).

Amy and Brandon Marsh were inside, Amy was taking a load off, her legs were sore. Then I saw Xena at the bar. She looked amazing. I have not seen her since March and gave her a huge hug and mentioned that she had been my pick but when I saw her running she did not look too comfortable. Were you working into it I asked? No she said I felt awful, that was the toughest run ever!

I got chatting with Richard from IM UK; I had forgotten how good Brits are at getting to the bar and claiming drinks. He kept the buds coming. It was just a really great vibe but when I checked my watch and it was almost 12midnight I knew I needed to go home with an early flight and before I drank too much!
Rebekah Keat & Emma
I walked back and the condo was already open. Whit had beaten me to it and was still up so rather than go to bed, (which would have been the sensible thing to do), the party continued again.Once Sean made his way back a battle of the iPods began with each of us selecting our favourite tunes. Yes it was ugly as in ugly dancing, but was also FUN:)
Emma, Brandon & Amy Marsh
So what happens when you have been drinking and silly? You get an attack of the munchies! So for the first time that week I donned my pinny and emptied the fridge of whatever food was left and whipped up a giant Frittata for my roomies in the wee hours of the morning. 

And so another 3:30am bedtime. Off to SFO the following day.

I actually wrote this on board Hawaiian en route to SFO: Goodbye Kona, it was immense fun, just the tonic. I have laughed until it hurt all week, boy it feels good to have those deep belly laughs back again :)

I am so glad I came out to your big island and look forward to returning again for IMWC October 8th 2011. Will you be there?

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