Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls Night Out

The girls night out was supposed to happen after Aformosa, then after Miri and Kenyir. Finally we got our act together last night and although there were a couple of notable absentees, Julie (in Singapore shopping no doubt), Li-sar (working – not sure what that is but it doesn’t sound nice) and Hayley (having the time of her life in Europe), we were fed up of waiting!
It turned out to be a pretty tame effort which was probably a good thing since I can become rather a handful when on the Speckled Hen, and so the evening remained coherent for all in attendance, we all went home at a respectable hour and I am guessing we all woke up alone and without headaches. (God this sounds SAD).

WE DID HAVE A GOOD TIME THOUGH. Eating is something I do particularly well, and talking about sports and gossip in general is something we all get rather animated about. Food: Excellent, Company: So, so. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
Cheers girls, it made a relaxing change to leave the lycra at home and squeeze into my jeans!
And by the looks of this stomach you can see exactly WHO polished off all the dessert! L-R: Emma, Chris, Ivie (she had a short stool), Bee and Kona bound Carmen.


Squirrel said...

Oh ya, I always carry my super short stool everywhere I go.

Ishsal said...

all will be burnt in a couple of hrs time, ready to be filled again next week! enjoy today's ride. if i wake up, will head to UM Duathlon for some chicken distances for the uninitiated :)