Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have finally succumbed

It has been on the agenda for some time now, this starting a blog thingy. Anyone that knows me knows I can never ever reply to any email or text message with a simple answer. I might not be a great talker but give me a pen or in this case a keyboard and I can’t stop babbling.
Now those in the know know that I have become slightly hooked in recent months about a sport called triathlon. It all started with my electing to do Ironman Langkawi in February of this year. This 3.8k swim, 180k bike and 42k run was my first ever triathlon, first open water swim and the bike leg was completed on the back of only a handful of rides, (I only got my road bike late in November). I made the decision to sign up in December of last year after watching my buddies cross the finish line in the Bussleton Ironman on the Ironman live feed. I won’t bore you with the details of how silly people thought I was being. I just decided I needed a challenge and new direction in life and thought hey, I’ll do the easy one first (only kidding).
Anyway to cut short the story the journey went well, extraordinary well so I am told. I survived and ultimately fell in love with endurance sports. My tri-buddies may have other words for me but I just like to think of myself as one focused gal, slightly obsessed, very passionate and extremely determined. So this blog is not just about me, from the time when I entered the sport which was literally a matter of months ago our training group has grown to the extent that we now have a team name with the a team jersey and T-shirts in the pipeline. This blog is another long overdue idea that I have been tossing around with a couple of friends and it will be a way of dedicating achievements, goals, news and events with everyone and anyone involved in and outside of the sport.
Use the blog to find out training schedules of rides, runs and swims and let’s not forget the social side of which eating and drinking beer is an essential part of training. For those not YET into triathlon, I hope this site will inspire you to realise that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Goals are not easy to achieve, if they were then we would all be living the “dream”. But a goal will remain a dream unless you are prepared to work your butt off to achieve it.
A further word on the subject of goals:
Not too long ago I would have been afraid to admit a goal to anyone for fear of failure. The thing is, if you don’t let your goals be known it becomes all too easy to forget about them, leaving you later in life with a great big pile of “What if’s”. Share aspirations with others; it keeps your dreams real and you humble.
What is my dream? Well it’s simple, I aim to win my age group in Langkawi next year and go to the World Ironman Championships in KONA Hawaii. Yes it’s a tall order. Yes I am prepared for some speedy age grouper to turn up on race day and beat me. Those are things I can’t control but I can control the amount of effort I put in to enable my body to produce my personal best possible result.
Self belief:
Believe in yourself. I have spent 17years blaming EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma) for the reason I am a crap runner and average sportswomen. And then early one Sunday morning last October with no planning or intention I ran my first 42kilometeres on a training run after having only ever managed 26k’s. I felt great. It felt great. After that I realised ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
So TRY and then TRI-Harder.

BTW: I do have a face, it's just that I am a little shy. One thing at a time...


yipwt said...

ironman as the first tri?...that's way awesome.

Btw, congrats on winning PD.

kamil said...

Hi Emms,

Great to hear about the blog! Let me be among the first to congratulate you. Sounds like you're really enjoying things nowadays! We must catch up again soon. Let me know when you're around Bangsar. Tell me everything!