Monday, July 21, 2008

Port Dickson Sprint Distance 19.07.08

(pictures courtesy of Ivie)
The day started very leisurely at Coffee Bean with a strong “wake-up” brew with Sergeant Sam, Carmen, Ivy and Randy. On route to PD the heavens opened and where as the usual tropical downpour comes and goes it looks like this one had set in for the day. On arrival at the Marina, roads were flooded and the sky was still heavy with rain so we all made the very wussy but I believe wise decision not to do the sprint. I for one didn’t want to buggar up George (my new P2C) by having a skid and basically screwing up the following day’s race.
We were just leaving when Simon turns up. He of course confirmed we were all Kampong chicken’s and went ahead with his plan to do the sprint. As it turns out the torrential downpour just 1½ hours later turned into a furnace which earned him a pink suntan to match the Bike Boutique tri-suit he had donned for the occasion.
We hung around to see the sprint unfold; I believe Simon got 2nd – Well done. We then hung around further to see the Elite race unfold, but by this time the weather had got so hot most of us sought out the shelter and muggy cool from the tents and were fast losing interest and getting itchy feet to test ride our own bikes. Carmen, Sa
m, Randy and I finally got back to the house leaving Ivy to sleep while we snuck out for a quick 10k which turned into 20k. (Sorry Sam and Carmen). It was then back for a quick shower and off to the carbo loading dinner.
Briefing was skipped as the bed was beckoning and I for one was already getting rather antsy about the next day. It didn’t help matters when I got back to find they had forgotten to put my bike number in my bag.
Seeing I was starting to get rather flustered, Nurse Carmen immediately set about making me a number with some paper and black tape. The girl deserves a Blue Peter badge – great job Carmen. She said it would bring me luck; we would have to wait and see...

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