Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Your Song?

Do you remember the TV show Ally Macbeal? Back in the day when I regularly assumed the couch potato position I was an addict to the series. These days when time allows TV I usually end up asleep, waking only as end titles start rolling, and that is usually my sign to roll off the couch and stumble along to the bedroom where sleep then eludes me.
Anyway, get to the point Emma. Ally Macbeal had a theme song that she had to think of when seeing that freaky dancing baby, remember? Now I like music but am rather crap at recalling names, lyrics and titles but I DO LIKE MUSIC and last year wanted to give myself a theme song. I don’t normally wonder down these “self motivation/seminar/Ally Macbeal” type roads, but a song that got me going and had a positive message seemed like a very good idea considering the sport I had jumped into and the gargantuan mountain one had chosen to climb.
Choosing the song was pretty simple. Something I was already constantly listening to, you could say it had unknowingly staked its claim. Despite my, ahem, youngish years I have been a fan of Queen for a long, long time and was maybe all of 7years old when I saw that video of Freddie dressed as a women, vacuuming the house in “I Want to Break FREE”. From that moment on I was hooked; don’t ask me why. Maybe I aspired to be a housewife wearing blue eye shadow, bubblegum pink lipstick, a pink dressing gown and fluffy slippers whilst doing “women’s work”! (no harsh comments please - it's a JOKE).
He is/was/still is the man, and NOPE that isn’t my song. The last album made before he passed away, “Made in Heaven”, has some brilliant material and messages. My personal favourite and now "my song" and wake up call is “It’s a Beautiful Day (reprise)”. I simply never EVER tire of listening to the lyrics, the guitar solo, the songbirds – it’s AWESOME. It keeps me focused and gets my head and adrenalin pumped before an early morning run and ride. Have yet to try it before a swim...maybe I should?
Well since it’s once again a crappy Monday morning and a whole 5days before the next long ride, ENJOY!

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