Tuesday, November 3, 2009

EFS Nutrition

My turbo session last night was as expected...NASTY. One of those bricks and mortar sessions I go on about. At just 30minutes in I was feeling in need of a bit more fuel than just drinks. We have just received in store some EFS nutrition, drinks, gels and the thing I am interested in, the stuff that we can call food - BARS :)
Always willing to try something new I got off George, staggered over to the goody counter and there they were. Righty O, lets give this Peanut butter choc chip bar a whirl then I thought. Most people know that I can and am and do put anything in my stomach when training/racing. I have had few if any side effects thus far and so perhaps not the best person to turbo test a product but I can at least let you know the taste from my point of view :)
Okay. I don't eat Power Bars...I can eat them but choose other stuff (usually free) :) But I have been partial in the early first IM training days to the Triple Threat bar by power Bar - quite nice but expensive.
The EFS bar is a cross between a power bar (for consistency) and triple threat (for taste and chocolaty peanut buttery goodness) - actually my verdict - it tastes WAY better.
Anyway that's just my two cents. The bars retail at RM8, at TBB KL...where else :)

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