Monday, November 2, 2009

Education 101: tying a Sarong Sporty Style

Post run yesterday morning I just wanted/needed to get back and refuel (see post below), but then you get chatting to your friends and the time ticks by and just being with these people was making me feel better. Luckily I had apple, gels and a recovery drink on hand to keep me going because little did I know I was in for an education Sarong Sporty Style!!
It was the Terry Fox run yesterday, absolute madness in the car park and surrounding roads choc-a-bloc. One of the groups always do the run in sarongs, well I didn't get to join really had to go back but I did have an education on how to tie a Sarong. Well I say an education...I think I was just a little entertainment sideshow before the main event!!!
It was great FUN and thanks for the cool photos Ms Julz. Not too long ago, most of you who know me, know I would NEVER subject myself to such humiliation. Today though anything goes, life is so much better when you smile and laugh...even when making a Pratt of yourself :)
I won't put in any captions, you can have the fun there...but Ms. Julz did write some funny stuff on the album in her facebook :) And BTW, patience never has been a strong point of I think I did pretty well considering!

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Anonymous said...

LMAO !! I had a big good laugh on this sunny Monday afternoon. thanks and thanks Emma! for sharing it for our fellow blogger friends to read and see and...laugh ! but you were sporting enough that morning. so kudos ! :P yeah, EDUCATION is the most important part.