Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wheres the Tropical?

I have lived here for 14plus years. I LOVE the tropical climate. It suits my poor blood circulation and crappy set of lungs perfectly. So whats up with the weather lately then I ask you. I don't mind the rain, it is good for the earth, cleanses the soul, saves me washing my Avia after running, saves me washing the sweaty salt off George after riding and helps mimic race swim conditions when in the pool.
I don't recall rainy season being this shitty though. And I have seen a lot of them. I stopped putting air con on a long long time ago...I just get too cold. And last night after my swim, oh my gosh...that swim...well I turned into an ice block.
Think Bukit Jalil pool temperatures and worse. The good thing...I had the pool to myself. The was not comfortable. I tried thinking happy warm cosy thoughts but it wasn't working. I tried not to think about the cramp that tried to attack my calves and feet...that did work. Relaxing is key to keep cramp at bay - in icy water not easy but I managed my full set with out any spasms :)
So out the pool and under and steaming hot shower to thaw out. Then a hot milo. I was still cold. Cold to the bones as we used to say in the UK on a nasty winters day when the wind chill would be deep in the minus numbers. Well there was no wind chill yesterday because this is the tropics. But nights like last night remind me of those cold nights back in the UK where one can never get warm no matter how many layers of clothes you put on.
There is only one day n the year where cold is good. And that is Christmas day. All other days in my book should be toasty tropic days. This body only works well in warm climes...too cold and she needs a jump start !!!

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