Monday, November 9, 2009

Race Report: Powerman

Pictures on the way, this one courtesy of SK :)
Last year I had an awesome Powerman. This year of course I wanted to beat my previous time, who doesn’t? But, after getting down on myself for not being ‘strong’ at a couple of recent races, I do understand that you cannot HIT all of them. So those I am not targeting to HIT are called TRAINING. I was so relaxed this year...the words horizontal come to mind. I went into the race with no taper coming off a very smashed early part of the week. The goal? A PB would be great. But have fun and remind oneself at all times it is just a training day with hopefully monetary rewards at the end. So here we go... Saturday morning I got in the pool early for a swim. I then tagged on a brick run before setting off to Lumut. Arrived in good time...but boy I was tired. I have not been sleeping to well and work is pretty manic these days. It’s all fun and I love my job to the extent I never really stop...only to go and train :)
I went out for a little ride with Carmen, Chris, Sam and Simon at 4pm. My fault. I set the time and had just got my head down for a nap only to be woken from my 5minute slumber to gear up and ride. Carmen got it right...YOU LOOK TIRED, she politely said. YUP, I felt it. A little brick run after and I skipped dinner, stayed in the room and tried to relax and recharge my already underpowered batteries.
Race morning I was full of beans (coffee beans). Bouncing around, I felt pretty awake and good. Had a warm up jog round the track with Bee, posed (if that’s what you can call it) for some happy snaps with the guys. So much as I love to race overseas because of the ‘high’ of meeting new people and spreading the love, I do LOVE to race at home. Great to see everyone out, all levels mixing together with one common passion sharing the same playground of endurance racing. It’s a buzz and the best drug in the world. I could be feeling like cat puke and I instantly get a lift out of seeing friends old and new. Did I say it already? Great FUN.
And so the gun goes off. I tried to keep a steady click. Serious discomfort earlier in the week I kept it uncomfortable but controllable. Some guys passed me. I didn’t like that, but then reminded myself this is round 1. It’s going to get MUCH hotter. Be patient. Time, 48min and change for the 11k
Bike: Last year I did a 1:42. Of course I wanted to do better. I am stronger, fitter and quicker. But not today :( The elements came into play. It was very windy and the bike was tough...or was it? I had a great argument with myself whilst battling away. God this is slow...what’s up?? Maybe it’s really windy and if that’s the case then everyone else is suffering too. But then the penny dropped. It was damn windy and harder than last year but I also realised my heart rate was hanging around the 130’s (perceived). I did not feel as though it was a good effort and was breathing very easily but try as I might to do anything about it the legs wouldn’t let me. Damn, buggar. This wasn’t fun. Going down the bridge should be free speed worthy of 50/60kph...I may have touched 50. No worries...remember my new mantra for the day...Training DAY, Training DAY...YAY! Time: I thought 1:45. They clocked 1:49. I over took two pro women but the pro’s seemed to all have a quicker work it out??
Run2: Boy, now it was really hotting up. Not the race, but the heat. DID someone order a furnace? So those guys who overtook me at the know who you are :) All I can say is pacing. It wasn’t real pleasant...nearly lost control with my emotions and had an ‘oh crap asthma moment’ but that was about as exciting as it got. Job done in the bag crossed the line at 3:33 for first amateur female.
After the awards I set off home taking a totally different route. So different I thought I was definitely going the wrong way. But being the stubborn twit that I am I just stayed on the road and told myself I WILL find a sign that says KL. Well, the sign came and I took it and got home in 2hr:45min. A longer route but a hell of a lot quicker as the road was dual carriageway rather than the slow arse trunk roads going back to Bidor. Apparently so I am told I got on at Gopeng 44k farther north, more petrol, but less time. Result!
Once at TBB I had to keep moving...I had been looking forward to an easy spin out once I got back and did just that. Opened up the store set George up and spun for 60minutes, it felt really good and capped off a GREAT day.
I would just like to add a note to all the people that were out there racing longer than most. I was collecting George and sorting my stuff out not long after crossing the line. As I was at transition a girl comes next to me and racks her bike. I am sorry I do not know your name, but out the corner of my eye I watched her slowly remove her bike shoes and slowly put on her runners. I then realised she still had the second run to do. “Hey there” I said. “You going out to run?” I asked. "Yeahhh", she tiredly answered back. “Well good luck and take plenty of fluids, it’s hot out there,” was the only words of encouragement I could come up with. To all you guys who spend longer than most on a course during race have my utmost respect. Never dismiss what it is that you are doing or where you come in a race, the fact that you start and finish is a huge achievement in itself and worthy of applauding.
Highlight of the day? It has to be sharing the podium with Gadget Girl Ong Siok Bee. In the same category as I, she came in 2nd. I think this was her first 2nd placing ever. WELL DONE BEE. Great to share that step with you!
I would also like to make a special mention to my friend Prakash. His first Powerman, he missed the cut-off by 3mins. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yesterday’s race is by far and away harder than any half ironman. In a half you have 8 ½ hours to finish. Yesterday you only had 5. I know you will be back for will many others. In my book you are a finisher and I would proudly give you my medal!


plee said...

Well Done! and Congratulations Emma! Splendid n Scorching Performance in spite of no tapering.....

BreeWee said...

I love reading your stories... you got a bit of attitude mixed with some passion for racing mixed with thankfulness for what you do (STILL working like a machine I see,or read), and then you are just plain ol' living life happy as you can...

Nice work Emma...
Hugs from Kona :)

Ribbit @ Lynn said...

congrats! i always wonder where you get all your enegeryg from! :) as usual your write up do give inspiration to the newbie like me...! keep it up.. you look more cheerful now before races!

Emma said...

Thank YOU guys, Yes I am in a happy place these days :) Keep on smiling even when your hurting.

plee said...

I've been looking over the detailed results (from Teys website) and you posted the fastest women's overall age group bike split. Siok Bee has the 2nd fastest bike split!! Cool..