Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last 4hour hour bike

Today was my final 4hour Saturday bike session. Next weekend I am 'training' in Miri. The following weekend I am racing in Phuket. After that Ironman training is upon me and my Saturday bikes will comprise of 5hours in the saddle and God knows what else in the afternoon...GULP.
A stark contrast to my ride last week, I did the same route and hoped that it would not be should never be easy...I just hoped I would not blow up and be able to maintain my effort. Not my quickest up Perez...a minute short of that. The weather this morning was very cool...I was and have frozen my butt off all week whilst training. I am sitting typing this in Starbucks wearing a long sleeve T. I do not operate too well in the cold...I keep saying it, but it's true...bizarre but true.
ANYWAY...last week my heart rate was shooting through the roof on the bike until the body started complaining and fatigue hit hard.
Today was a quicker time but I am confused. I do not follow HR but occasionally wear a strap to see what is going on. I have been feeling a little more energised this week and this morning gave a good solid effort. But getting my HR up when on the rolling fast stuff it just wasn't happening. AVG HR 133 for a 4hour ride?? Hmmmn. I am currently researching what this means. One of two things I guess. I am getting fitter. I am being lazy. I secretly hope the diagnosis is the this space :)

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