Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally DONE

China is a race I was always going to do. I decided this last year. I wanted to do it last year but circumstances didn't allow me too. The idea was do well in Langkawi and do the 70.3 in China for FUN. As such I have not made any decision on what I am doing until last Thursday.
I told myself just focus on Langkawi. But the problem is the China question mark has been subconsciously haunting me and adding to the mental chaos.
So I penned an email to the powers that be. I have no problem with it, he says. So register and forget about it.
So today before the 2pm deadline when the registration fee increased again and with the support of my good Samaritan race sponsor I signed up for the FULL. I decided whatever happens I don't want half the experience - I want it all. And I can't wait.
You know who you are. And Thank YOU.

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Jaime Menendez de Luarca said...

so you´ll find Jaime Vigaray in MY and China...

Good luck