Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home Office...

I have worked from home today - thank god for internet/skype etc. I have learnt I still have a lot to learn on why we train and rule number one is you must enjoy your training. Even though I THINK I am not consumed it seems I still OVERTHINK the process. I do not think I am concerned about race day yet it is affecting me? Training should hurt, yes, but for the past two weeks hell has become home for my body - and that has not been enjoyable. It is a very weird feeling to feel so fatigued yet not be sick. The smallest tasks seem Everest like in scale. And when I say small I mean small; stairs, typing, reading - oh my gosh reading is really tough!
You should be able to train and function properly and I have to admit my normal functioning has not been great of late. So today I worked from home and rested (I hope that is okay Boss). The fog of fatigue that has swallowed me up for the past 2 weeks I feel is clearing a little. Bed is now calling and tomorrow is a new day :)

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