Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MY Golden Ticket

So I looked. I sneaked a peak. For the first time I had a look at the competitor list. I am my own competition - I have always said that...but I guess so long as it doesn't mess your head up (mine couldn't get much more messed up anyway) then it can be good to know. It's up to him up there if it all goes smoothly or pear shaped. I can just be as ready as I can be.
Now I have new motivation. My mojo is low, eyes half closed and legs of lead. My body just wants to get horizontal (alone!!)... BUT I WILL NOT allow it to. I still have work to do. I need to sort my run...the run is the Golden ticket. I am Charlie and Kona is the Chocolate factory. I need to get me that Golden ticket. I have ONE chance. If I thought I was already training my best...then I better wake UP, toughen up and go eat some hills for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up! You are almost there, with all the lovely training you have over the past few months the only thing between you and Kona is your ownself. Go~~~

Anonymous said...

Emma, if there's anyone I know who deserves that Golden ticket, it's you. God knows (if only there's a god!!), you worked far harder than anyone else. But all that said, this is definitely NOT your only chance. Never give up... Ezer