Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Weekend...but arn't they all?

Twas a holiday on Saturday here in Selangor. Didn't really affect me. I do not HAVE to work on Saturday but if I am able I usually pop my nose in the door to say 'Hi' at some point. Lately though that hasn't happened. Emma is pooped!
So my Saturday ride. Last week was MENTAL. And I mean that with regards to both demands of work and the training that at this stage just keeps creeping up and draining the life from my body. Eating is something that got boring a long time ago but I do it to keep moving. And I find the more volume of training and the harder it gets (read: those tough days) I am having to literally throw fuel in the tank ALL THE TIME.
So off the back of a toughie Monday to Friday where mojo and motivation hit rock bottom I didn't know whether I would be ready to fire up the engine on Saturday. Last Saturday was awful...would it be a repeat or would I have FUN?
I set out with my 'Knights' - you know who you are. And I would also like to add again that I really appreciate your support. You don't have to ride with me. You know I am not going to talk or be very social but you are happy to sit there and that gives me HUGE peace of mind. I owe you guys some dinner after IM!
ANYWAY...lets cut a 4hr45min ride short shall we. TBB - KLIA downtown - Sepang - Salak - TBB. Got to Sepang and I was rather surprised at the time. I think it was the quickest I had riden since Camsur when I posted my best ever 70.3 bike split. I am still asking Fasial if his 'Jobby', Read (gps thingy-ma-jiggy) is accurate. Anyway - the ride was awesome and a much needed boost to my low moral and motivation.
Post ride I refueled SEE pictures - big and I mean BIG (the picture does not do justice) bowl of fruits, muesli and natural yogurt with protein powder. And a little later the best spinach, ham, egg and cheese muffin you could imagine (picture does not do it justice :)
One session down two more to go. I dialed in a long swim - and I wanted to execute it and execute it well. Job done. Carved up some kids. Warned them that 'I cannot SEE YOU and I am using PADDLES - I do NOT want to HURT you, BUT I WILL) Okay so I didn't say that bit - But I did say I don't want to hurt them! They thought it was FUN to play 'chicken' in MY imaginary lane.
Brick interval RUN. Phew...HOT HOT. NASTY but job done in the bag. Perhaps not the best ever but I was on the verge of collapse afterwards so I reckon I gave a good effort. Yes? No?
Home, shower, FOOD...BED.
My Sunday coffee run with long legs. Got a message 'I just woke up. Not gonna make it, will you be okay?' Ha! No I started a little later just after 7am for safety. This was pure torture. I did a great first half but I could tell things were not great. The body was talking to me and she wasn't happy. Kept throwing stuff in but didn't get much better. I finished it though and in style. With a double shot caramel ice blend at Coffee Bean. Boy O Boy did that hit the spot. Lady in the que noted how it was 'ever so hot to be running'. You must be crazy she says. Not the first person to call me crazy and probably not the last. Yes it was hot. I heard on the grapevine it can also be hot in Langkawi...whats the big deal? The best thing about Langkawi is the refueling is FREE...Do you know how much my Sunday run cost me??? 3 cans of isotonic, 2 bottles of water, choc mint GU, Chomps, FREE water from Coffee Bean but the ice blend with double shot cost me RM16 - So whats that amount to...oh I dunno but a lot for 3 hours of pain!

1pm a 'light' sports leg massage from Julz. Twas good. I then had to rush off and do errands but got home by 6 to do a recovery run. Hurt but I went as slow as I wanted without walking - that was the rule. Home, Shower, FOOD, BED (are you seeing a pattern here) :)


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Take care Emma

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ur meal is so so yummy !! I like !!jw