Friday, February 12, 2010

Hear me ROAR!!!!!!!!!

Gong Xi Fai Cai to ALL my Chinese friends. And to all my non Chinese friends, I think we know how blessed we are to have so many public holidays and festivals to celebrate and indulge in.
Next week I will enjoy the calm and serenity that KL becomes while every man and his dog go Balik Kampung!
It is indeed the year of the Tiger. I am a Tiger. It is my year. Hear me Roar, I was practising a little last night while teaching TurboNites...think I shocked Daniel at the volume of my ROAR :)
Have a good one guys, be safe, eat, sleep, indulge and don't forget some training - takes some of the calorie guilt away ;)

1 comment:

ian yusof said...

cool ... I am a tiger too. We are best known for our patience, very caring and thoughtful. errr... patience? hmmmm ......

Hear me roar ...... Grrrrrr