Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is my number. My next post I will most probably have this number sun burnt onto my skin. I do not mind. If I have a good day, I really do not mind at all.
I am surprisingly calm. Many people, the boss who signs the cheques, would disagree. But I guess he has never seen me when not calm. In the old days. Not so long ago.
The butterflies keep passing through and churning up my stomach. It keeps lurching as if on a rollar coaster. This feeling reminds me I am alive and this important to me. It is what I have been training a very long time for. I should be nervous, but I am trying to keep a lid on it and have fun :)
Today has been tiring but good. I have laughed A LOT. But then again I find I always laugh a lot when in this wonderful playground. The fire of passion for this lifestyle burns in my belly and I am truly happy.
The only thing that could make me any happier? Ahhhh...well we all know what that would be. We shall just have to wait and see...
Thank you for all your messages of good luck. I will carry them with me and keep each one as fuel to move on and PUSH when the going gets tough.
Until Sunday...Ciao.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck ! Enjoy the race ! No:1 in your ticket to KONA..cheers !


Anonymous said...

what time u can come back at finishing point ? 10h to 10h30m ?

Or Sub 10 ?

Good luck.Confirm to see u in LIVE.


Emma said...

Thanks Tey,
I feel good and ready to race...up to him up there and some good mechanical luck. Emma.

Raymond Hee said...

Good Luck Emma! Have fun!

Raymond Hee

Anonymous said...

gratz on your Kona spot, please update it as we all are dying to feel the heat in Langkawi 2010.