Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Rare Reprieve

For the past few weeks the Wednesday morning ride has been extremely well attended which is very cool. This morning however on the ONE ride that is declared "EASY" 5 people turned up. Sam, myself, Julie, Li-sar and Randy.
Randy the poor chap was making sure his poorly Aragon was in good racing order for Saturday. We all (Julie, myself and Randy) set off together from MK and after Julie and I paused for breath in between our gossipping we realised Randy was no where in sight - opps. Got to the meet point and tried to call - BUT RANDY DOESN'T CARRY HIS PHONE WITH HIM!!! On the command of Seargent Sam we decided to go ahead, he knew we were on route so it would have to be a game of catch-up if he sorted out whatever was wrong with the bike.
It was a pleasant jaunt out; trying my new aero helmet out I had to put up with mickey taking from SAM of all people. Asked me if I thought I was Superwomen (well I thought that was obvious - of course I bloody am). On Saturday I was redlining the same route and very asthmatic coughing up my guts most of the way out due to the crappy air (I envy the clean air Simon, but the rain and mud - you can keep it). This morning however the air cleared and I kept a nice pace with 10-15% less effort. Very happy. On the turnaround Mr Randy Tan caught us up, the poor guy ended up having to go flat out - so much for his easy bike but at least he discovered the problems this morning and not Saturday.
I skipped my usual post bike run, heart willing, body not. Had the usual brew with Jules at Coffee Bean (I should have shares in that place) and went home to work.
And I have now just finished a 2.5k swim in lovely warm pool water at home, really could not bear the thought of Bukit Jalil's icy waters this evening. And so that's it for me. I shall now sit back and get very itchy feet waiting for Saturday to come round.
Good luck to everyone, have a safe journey down and a strong race.


Stupid_O said...

no report about emma pooley's silver in the ITT? :-) good on her to get the silver after working so hard to shut down any attacks on behalf of nicole cooke so she could go on and win the gold in the road race. stellar ride!

Emma said...

So sorry...been working in order to escape tomorrow and I missed the coverage! Am watching it now rather delayed but intense all the same. How on earth did she manage an average of 40kph over that course? Awesome stuff.

Stupid_O said...

you should watch the mens as well. the last wave was an absolute humdinger. was swinging three ways between cancellara, contador and larsson. too bad i was in the office. but the live text updates were still seat of the pants stuff! have a safe drive tomorrow :-)