Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TTH Training Calender

We would like to alert your attention to the TTH Calender link on the right hand panel above the visitor counter. Click on the calender to view the monthly schedule of rides and runs, holidays and other interesting stuff going on. You can directly email from the link any questions you may have concerning a particular session or email just to let us know your tagging along!
The weekly alerts will still be posted as usual in orange, the calender just enables you to pick and choose rides and schedule your training to suit you.
Catch you on the bike!


Ishsal said...

grt bumping into you guys this morn! am nursing an impending flu, just did a 6k light jog to squash them bugs out. if i'm up for saturday's "low intensity" ride (lol!), what time do you guys depart from mont kiara and where pls? might just hitch on the train from there.

Emma said...

Hi Ishsal, I will be going from Bukit Kiara club. Leaving there at 6.15am on the dot :)

Ishsal said...

Thx Em! If I'm up for it, will be there, ahead of time :)