Friday, August 29, 2008


This has absolutely nothing to do with SPORT. But as it is my birthday tomorrow I am taking the liberty to post my favourite comedic character – NAN, aka Joany Taylor, aka Catherine TATE. Chatting with Sam the other day during a run I was recalling some of my favourite NAN sketches along with my attempt at imitating her ladylike catchphrases! This is my all time favourite although I am sure I can find more. She has a very fowl mouth so I apologise if anyone is offended bit I think NAN gets away with it beautifully. And since I used to be an orderly Nurse many moons ago taking care of the living cemetery (aka Bexhill-on-Sea), that is my home town, I can hand on heart say there are many real-life Joany Taylors out there. Let me put it this way – it was an education!

(sorry for the poor picture quality but just listen if you dare).


Ishsal said...

happy birthday! was out for interstate ride over the weekend.

Julie said...