Thursday, August 7, 2008

Team Tri-Hard Genting Challenge

Have you heard of Alp D'Huez, Col de Iseran, Col de Madeline, etc etc? Well, if you have'nt they are all famous mountain climbs often featured in the Tour de France and it is during these stages that the ultimate yellow jersey winner is often determined. Hundreds of cycling enthusiats travel far and wide to take on the challenge of these famous climbs and for those who succeed, the thrill is out of this world even if it involves a lot of hard work. That should be no problem for a team like Team Tri-Hard!

Now, we too can experience that thrill in taking on our very own Genting Challenge. People may not realise it but the Genting climb is recognized as one of the toughest climbs in the world and it is one that demands a lot of respect. So, there is no need for us to travel to the Alps when we have our very own mountain climb on our doorstep.

So how about? Are you up for the challenge? The plan is to ride one-way from KL to Genting via Batang Kali (i.e. the more difficult but safer route) with support cars, drinks, sweeper van, etc during the Hari Raya holiday (Wed 1st October). The intention is to transport the bikes back to KL to avoid the difficult and dangerours decent from Genting. The ride should be treated as a personal challenge and not as a race. So there are no prizes for the first to reach Genting except each finisher will receive a well earned pat on the back! While it will not be a race, everyone's time for the climb from Batang Kali to Genting will be recorded to prove your wonderful achievement.
So and before I start to organize this event, please indicate in the voting box a 'yes' if you are interested in taking part. Or 'no' if want to remain daunted by the challenge!


yipwt said...

hi...if we decided to cycle down ok?

make sure anyone wants to go have a 25 sized casette.

Emma said...

No one has voted "NO" yet and I have just realised that no-one will. If the wusses in the team don't want to do the challenge then they will keep that to themselves and not let us know that they are too much of a scaredy cat to take it up! I know it is anonymous but if ANYBODY votes NO we will hunt you down!

Emma said...

Someone has voted NO - you obviously were not listening or are very brave, WHO ARE YOU???

Stupe said...

We do it every ramadan...after 9pm...cycle from Genting Sempah up to Starbucks for a cuppa...then roll down before Sahur, eat and go back. Repeat every week on Friday.

batang kali is tougher as it is longer...but the final 4km to Genting is the killer, it starts from the chinese temple all the way up to the police station...that is when you see nothing but the asphalt...

Faizan said...

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