Monday, December 29, 2008

IM Fueling

I was chatting with Denis on Sunday during our brief 10minute run together (what did you do? Your car was still at Bukit Aman after I finished). He mentioned that he needed to start thinking about his race day nutrition. I don't know much about Denis's tri background, he has completed many OD distance in the UK I believe but I know that Langkawi will be his first IM as it will for many others. I also know from reading Denis's blog and chatting with him that he tends to struggle on the nutrition and hydration front the longer the race goes. I also found out that he is attending Coach Vinnies Ironguides training camp in Thailand next month - way to go Denis!
Race day nutrition is basically what we should now be practising on our long rides. I am no expert on the subject but it is just common sense isn't it? I know it is tempting to wait for the coffee shop stop and that bowl of yummy Wan Tan mee but believe it or not that option will not be available come Feb 28th. Eat, drink and pee if you must, on the bike, so that when you get off you are fueled up, hydrated and ready to attack the small matter of 42k.
Check out this link from teamTBB on long ride fueling, it may or may not help, but it makes pretty interesting reading that I am sure we can all find something to relate to on some level or other.

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